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Portable cabins in various sizes

Our portable cabins and accommodation units match ISO dimensions and therefore have many advantages.

Your advantages:

  • solid steel frame with corner casts and fork-lift pockets
  • CEE exterior sockets, recessed
  • Easily removable interchangeable wall panels with galvanised steel sheet on the outside
  • High-quality heat and sound insulation
  • Various extra equipment options available

Transpack cabin

CTX-portable cabins are delivered all over Europe and worldwide. in order to reduce emissions, the "transpack-container" (= portable cabin as flat pack) was developed. The built up Transpack cabins do not differ from the portable cabins which come pre-assembled.
  • Portable cabins can be supplied flatpacked at favourable rates to any destination.
  • Up to ten cabins can be loaded onto one truck
  • cost saving due to D.I.Y. assembly
  • quick and easy D.I.Y. assembly with standard tools

Dimensions (mm) and weights (kg):

  External Inward Weight
Length Width Height (assembled) Height (Package) Length Width Height 1 Assembled 2 Package 2
2.989 2.435 2.591 648 2.795 2.240 2.340 from 1.290 from 1.350
4.885 2.435 2.591 648 4.690 2.240 2.340 from 1.690 from 1.750
6.055 2.435 2.591 648 5.860 2.240 2.340 from 1.930 from 1.990
7.355 2.435 2.591 648 7.140 2.240 2.340 from 2.250 from 2.310

1 also available with external height 2,800 mm, 2,960 mm / internal height 2,540 mm, 2,700 mm
2 depending on layout

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Your advantages
  • A production facility of CONTAINEX
  • Production in accordance with strict environmental and quality standards of the CONTAINEX Green Technology
  • Highest standards for quality, security, health and environment
ZAG ETA-12/0053 gbd EN 1090-1 gbd EN 1090-2

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